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Until not very long ago miners were at work in these parts, searching for valuable ore. Due to its hidden treasures, Fleres/ Pflersch was also known as the “Silver Valley”. The valley floor and mountain slopes are made up of the so called Ötztal-Stubai Crystalline Complex rocks. Our architect has taken history and geology as his inspiration: Bergkristall or mountain crystal struck him as being the appropriate name for our family hotel, built in 1999. The hotel features modern and accessible facilities, a wellness area, in-house pizzeria, restaurant and serviced terrace. Even though the hotel is still rather young, and built to modern criteria, we make sure that Bergkristall is always sporting a fresh shine: the hotel has recently been repainted and furbished with new flat screen televisions.


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Hotel Bergkristall ***

Fam. Fleckinger

Fleres/Ladurno | 39041Colle Isarco | Alto Adige | Italia

Tel: +39 0472 770561 Fax: +39 0472 770562 info@bergkristall.it

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